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White Paraffin Wax

This unfragranced white paraffin wax is an excellent choice for clients with a sensitive skin or when fragrance is not required. The wax is prepared in small particles so has a lower melting point than wax pellets and melts quickly. Suitable for use on the face, body and feet

Directions for Use

Pour the required amount of wax into paraffin wax heater and melt to required temperature. Always check the temperature of the wax before use. Prepare the hands, feet or alternative area . Using Strictly Professional mask brush apply the melted paraffin paraffin wax to skin building up the layers, the more layers you apply the easier it is to remove. wrap the hand and foot with a mitt or towel and leave for approximately 15 minutes or until the wax has cooled. Remove by peeling off the mask and apply a moisturising lotion

Product COSHH data sheets

SPD0072 White Paraffin Wax

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